Trenes en problemas

This picture shows the great train wreck of 1887. It happened in Illinois. A train trestle had been weakened by fire earlier in the day, and then the passenger train passed over at high speed, the trestle collapsed and the train crashed. over 80 people were killed in the accident. At the time, it was the worst train wreck to ever occur as far as casualties go.

1909. As best I can tell, it looks like a locomotive and train crashed into the back of another train. Despite how bad it looks, given the locomotive was not derailed, the crash could have happened at relatively low speed. It is very hard to stop a train, and a slight miscalculation can lead to disaster.
Paris. One can not help but wonder what the train was doing on the second floor of a building, but I am assuming ground level is higher on the other side of the building. The accident occurred because the train was brought into the station too fast, and then the brakes failed. In any event, this certainly qualifies as “Something Went Wrong”
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